Fact: It’s more about the heart we fall in love with, instead of its body.

1 year ago on 10 November 2012

Being attracted to and hooking up with guys doesn’t mean I’m straight.

1 year ago on 31 October 2012

Sometimes the bisexual label sucks.

2 years ago on 31 August 2012

FACT: Just because I can “always go back to men” doesn’t mean I don’t get jealous of other girls when I’m with a woman.

2 years ago on 17 December 2011

Fact: Just because I was dating someone of the opposite sex before, and am now dating someone of the same sex, it does not mean I’ve ‘turned gay’.

2 years ago on 13 November 2011


No, when I say that I’m bisexual I’m not joking nor confused.

2 years ago on 08 November 2011

Fact: Change your ‘intrested in’ on Facebook to men and women, people don’t notice and continue to assume your partner’s of the opposite sex.

3 years ago on 05 October 2011

Fact: Not all bisexuals are attracted to only two genders, or to binary genders exclusively. Many of us are attracted to men, women, AND people outside the gender binary. We are still bisexual. 

3 years ago on 05 October 2011

Fact: I’m still not out because I know that most people will think of it as a phase I’ll grow out of, and I don’t want that.

anonymous submission.

3 years ago on 30 August 2011

Fact: Not all bisexuals look up to Lady Gaga; she is not the hero so everyone that some people think she is.

3 years ago on 29 August 2011